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17-200 Hajnówka, Poland

tel. +48 85 682 20 89

Place of Festival realisation:
Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok
2 Podleśna str. Poland



XXXIX      Międzynarodowy

Festiwal  Muzyki  Cerkiewnej


XXXIX  International  Festival

of    Orthodox    Church   Music

17-20.09.2020 r


Honorary Patronage

of the President of the Republic of Poland

Andrzej Duda


Artistic Patronage of Krzysztof Penderecki (2003-2020)

Patronage of the Polish Composers’ Union

Patronage of the President of Białystok



† On the first anniversary of death of Krzysztof Penderecki
Rest in Peace
in the years 2003 – 2020 the Artistic Patron of the Festival


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
For the 39th time I would like to invite you to a meeting with a beautiful and spiritual Orthodox Church music. For the first time I do it in September, not as usually in May. This is our second attempt to hold this year’s feast of Orthodox Church music. The first intentions were to be realized traditionally in May. Back then, participation in the Festival confirmed 30 selected choirs from: Angola, Bulgaria, Belarus, Greece, Spain, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland. The choirs in all statutory performance categories, i.e. from all choral circles were supposed to present competition programs before the international Jury. Starting from parish choirs to professional ones. The best professional choir of last year’s edition, the Siberian Choir „Mlada” from Perm in Russia was to begin the Festival’s Inaugural Concert with an interesting program arranged by Romuald Twardowski, celebrating his 90th anniversary. Over 20 accompanying concerts were organized in large and small towns and villages of our country. The process of obtaining visas and preparing materials for printing began. And…. then a state of pandemic was declared. In this unexpected and unknown situation, in agreement with the choirs’ conductors we postponed the Festival until September. And as if that was not enough, on March 29th our great friend, whose kindness and artistic patronage we experienced, Krzysztof Penderecki, passed away. It is a great and irreparable loss for the world culture, Polish culture, the culture of Podlasie, Orthodox Church music and the East. My hopes for further compositions of Orthodox Church music have faded. The song „By the rivers of Babylon” (a few years ago, at the request of Maestro to remind him of the content, I sent him the words of this Psalm) remained unfinished. We were very sad and it seemed, that the cultural life in the country died not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the loss of Maestro. Choirs stopped working and the world of choral music faded away in anticipation of safe normality. Unfortunately this did not happen. The closure of schools, universities and cultural institutions resulted in the suspension of children’s, amateur secular, music colleges’ and professional choirs. To a lesser extent the pandemic affected the parish choirs, which continued to carry out their religious service. The borders were closed. The news about the illnesses of choirmasters and conductors started to come to us, as well as doubts whether the September time will make the event possible. This uncertainty continues to the present day, because even the „surest” choirs, caring about their health, and sometimes because of suddenly closed borders, are not sure about the possibility of participation. We understand and respect their decisions. We, the organizers also don’t have such certainty. This year’s competition auditions are modest in numbers, but they will be sung by representatives of choral ircles, which are slowly resuming their activities. The competition auditions will be attended by the parish choirs (Orthodox, Protestant and Greek-Catholic), amateur secular and professional. The latter ones, both in the competition and accompanying concerts. In addition, the Inaugural Concert dedicated to the celebrator of the 90th anniversary – Romuald Twardowski and the Gala Concert in Memory of Krzysztof Penderecki will be performed. In both concerts the performers will be excellent professional choirs from Poland – Polish Chamber Choir from Gdansk and Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic’s Choir. Both are among the best choirs in Poland. Full of optimism (because sometimes, although for other reasons, it was also difficult), we hope, that despite the time of the pandemic, the event will be carried out as we thought. Thanking everyone for their kindness and help so far, I invite you to the festival concerts.
With expressions of respect
Mikołaj Buszko



dedicated to Romuald Twardowski
in the Jubilee 90 th anniversary
The Polish Chamber Choir
Schola Cantorum Gedanensis

Gdańsk, Poland

conductor: Jan Łukaszewski


Canada and Japan. Besides over 80 CDs, cassettes and video tapes, many of which were nominated for phonographic awards, the Choir has also recorded for Polish and international radio and television stations. The choir’s CDs have been nominated 22 times for the Fryderyk award and won it five times. The conductor and artistic director of the Choir is Jan Lukaszewski – lecturer, professor of musical arts, artistic director of the Mozart International Festival Mozartiana, considered one of the most outstanding specialists in the field of choral music in Europe, educator, composer, juror of choral competitions in Japan, Wales, Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland and Poland (including IFOCM „Hajnówka”), as well as composition competitions in England, France, Germany and Italy. In 2018 he was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.





1. Gaude Mater Polonia
2. Romuald Twardowski – To Thee we sing
3. Romuald Twardowski – Praise the Lord, o my soul
4. Romuald Twardowski – Bless the Lord, o my soul
5. Romuald Twardowski – Alleluia
6. Romuald Twardowski – Now Thou let Thy servant go in peace
7. Romuald Twardowski – In Thee, rejoices
8. Łesia Dyczko – Bless the Lord, o my soul
9. Romuald Twardowski – God, in Thy Name
10. Romuald Twardowski – Osanna II
11. Romuald Twardowski – In Thy Kingdom
12. Romuald Twardowski – Holy God
13. Romuald Twardowski – Lord’s prayer
14. Romuald Twardowski – Sing a new song unto the Lord






St. Trinity Evangelical-Augsburg Parish, Warsaw, pl. Małachowskiego 1
XXIX Warsaw Concert of Orthodox Church Music
Nektaria Karantzi with Byzantine Female Choir „Psaltries” – Pireus (Greece)
„St. Yoan Kukuzel – the Angel-Voiced” Male Ensemble – Sofia (Bulgaria)


Chamber hall of the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, Białystok, 2 Podleśna
– Promotion of the album „Festival of the singing soul”
– Screening of a film about the Festival



prof. Romuald Twardowski – Head of the Jury; composer, professor at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, honored by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with a Medal for Merit for Culture Gloria Artis. Warsaw, Poland.

prof. dr hab. Wioletta Miłkowska – conductor, lecturer of conducting at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Białystok, jury member of Polish and foreign contests, honored by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with a Medal for Merit for Culture Gloria Artis, multiple laureate of IFOCM „Hajnówka”. Białystok, Poland.

ks. Jerzy Szurbak – conductor and artistic director of the Warsaw’s Male Orthodox Church Music Ensemble, honored by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with a Medal for Merit for Culture Gloria Artis, multiple laureate of IFOCM „Hajnówka”. Warsaw, Poland.




prof. Powilas Gylis – conductor, prorector of the Music Academy, Honored Artist of Lithuania, Knight of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, laureate of IFOCM „Hajnówka”. Vilnius, Lithuania.

prof. dr hab. Leon Zaborowski  – professor at the I. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan, head of the Department of Music Education, conductor and artistic director of the Chamber Choir „Cappella Musicae Antiquae Orientalis” in Poznan, director of the „International Meetings with Orthodox Church Music” in Grodzisk Wlkp., honored by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with a Medal for Merit for Culture Gloria Artis, multiple winner of IFOCM „Hajnówka”. Poznan, Poland.


Choir of the Assumption Orthodox Church
Warsaw, Poland

conductor: Łukasz Rejt
Category: parish choirs


The Choir was founded in 2000 on the initiative of Łukasz Rejt. It is one of the four choirs operating at the Basilians’ Church and it consists of Ukrainians residing permanently in Warsaw, as well as Ukrainian university students from outside the capital and immigrants from Ukraine. The Choir took part in the funeral ceremonies of Count de Werszowiec-Rey, Aleksander Malachowski and Jacek Kuroń; it also sang during the funeral services held at the Orthodox Cemetery in Wola in the quarters of Ukrainian soldiers killed in 1920 in defence of Warsaw. The Choir performed at the Music Academy in Warsaw, in the Basilica of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Warsaw. In 2007 the Choir took part in the recordings for the Polish Television series „Plebania”, performed three times at the Orthodox Church Music Autumn Days in Gizycko. In 2008 the Choir recorded a CD with Orthodox Church music and fragments of Greek Catholic Liturgy (live). In 2012 they took part in Matins and Easter Liturgy retransmitted by the Polish Television. The Choir is a winner of IFOCM „Hajnówka 2013”. In the same year it released 2 more CDs. The Choir is led by Łukasz Rejt – graduate of the Faculty of Biology at the Warsaw University and the Archieparchial Regent Institute in Przemyśl, chorister of many choirs.Since 2003 he has been the deacon and regent of the Choir of the AssumptionOrthodox Church.



1. Sergei Alekseev – Create angels their own spirits
2. Yuiri Zuyev – Body of Christ
3. Michael Azovsky – Trisagion
4. Genadiy Lapayev – Mercy of peace
5. Unknown author – Cherubic hymn
6. Melody of the Ilynsky skit on Mount Athos – Gladsome light



„Esperimento” Vocal Ensemble
Białystok, Poland

conductor: Barbara Kornacka
Category: amateur secular choirs
The Ensemble was founded at the turn of 2006 and 2007. It operates at the Youth Culture Center in Bialystok. The repertoire consists mainly of compositions from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods, but also Orthodox Church music and contemporary works. The Ensemble performs in Poland and abroad, takes part in numerous national and international competitions and choral festivals, winning the titles and awards. They have recorded 2 discs. The founder, artistic director and conductor of the Ensemble is Barbara Kornacka – graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw Branch in Bialystok and postgraduate of the choirmaster studies of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz. She is also a conductor of other choirs and cooperates with theater groups. For her artistic activity she has been awarded with several prizes.



1. Unknown author – Holy God
2. Alexandr Arkhangelsky – Gladsome light
3. Dmitry Bortniansky – To Thee we sing
4. Sergei Rachmaninoff – Rejoice, o Virgin Theotokos
5. Nikolai Kedrov – Lord’s prayer
6. Yelena Yuniek – From my youth
7. Irina Denisova – With eyes of compassion
8. Romuald Twardowski – Praise the Lord



„Modo Maiorum” Chamber Vocal Ensemble
of the Evangelical-Reformed Parish
Warsaw, Poland

conductor: Michał Straszewski
Category: parish choirs


The Ensemble was founded in 2005. Its Latin name can be translated as: „in the way of the ancestors”. The group’s repertoire covers masses, motets, psalms, chants and other religious songs of various confessions (Evangelical, Orthodox, Catholic and others) as well as secular music – Renaissance madrigals, Polish patriotic songs, songs of Slavic nations, transcriptions of solo songs and popular songs, instrumental pieces. Choosing repertoire the Ensemble is guided by the beauty and high artistic values. The lau reate of numerous festivals performed in many Church ceremonies – meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, the Synod of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church, or the 70th anniversary of the Polish Ecumenical Council, and the secular ones – inaugurations of the academic year, exhibitions of paintings and photographs, independence anniversaries. The En -semble’s concerts during the Great, Lent and Christmas became a tradition.  Motto of the Ensemble is: He who sings – does not sin. From the beginning the Ensemble is led by Michał Straszewski – a versatile artist (violinist, vocalist, choir master), founder, conductor and artistic director of many ensembles performing mainly early music, graduate of the Poznan Music School in the violin class. After his return to Warsaw he devoted himself to pedagogical work, continuing his concert activity as a violinist – chamber musician.



1. Michał Straszewski – Holy God
2. Unknown author – Joy of all who sorrow
3. Dmitry Bortniansky – Let my prayer arise
4. Dmitry Bortniansky – To Thee we sing
5. Dmitry Bortniansky – Lord’s prayer
6. Michał Straszewski – Many years



„Bel Canto” Olsztyn Choir
Olsztyn, Poland

conductor: Jan Połowianiuk
Category: amateur secular choirs


The Choir was founded in 1996, has performed over 400 concerts in Poland and abroad and has participated in 38 competitions and festivals, winning 42 awards and titles, including the IFOCM 1997, 2008 and 2011. The Choir premiered numerous compositions, i.e. during the IFOCM 2005 the Polish premiere of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom Op. 41 by P. Tchaikovsky. An important event was also the reading of the composer’s manuscript and the world premiere of Feliks Nowowiejski’s „Missa de Lourdes” opus 49. no. 5 in November 2017. The Choir’s repertoire consists of almost 300 a cappella songs and 34 vocal-instrumental works. The great success of the Choir was the official Polish musical delegation at the beatification ceremonies of John Paul II in the Vatican and Rome in May 2011. Together with the National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio in Katowice the Choir took part in a thanksgiving mass in St. Peter’s Square and performed the world premiere of Michał Lorenc’s composition „Missa Magna Beatyficationis” in the Roman church of St. Ignatius. The choir has recorded 3 CDs. The Minister of Culture and National Heritage honored the Choir with medal for merit for culture for its contribution to the popularization of musical art. Since the beginning the Choir has been conducted by Jan Połowianiuk – professor at the Faculty of Art of the University of Warmia and Mazury, director of the Institute of Music, choirmaster and cultural animator.



1. Dmitry Bortniansky – Come, let us sing o ye people concert nr 15, part I
2. Giuseppe Sarti – Rejoice people
3. Dmitry Bortniansky – It is truly meet
4. Archbishop Yonafan – Blessed are the chosen ones
5. Romuald Twardowski – A new joy has been revealed
6. Romuald Twardowski – Alleluia



Saint Ephraim Male Choir
Budapest, Hungary

conductor: Tamas Bubno


Category: professional choirs


Hungary’s most popular vocal group was formed in 2002 by Liszt Award and Artist of Merit winner – Tamás Bubnó. The Choir was named after Saint Ephraim the Syrian (306-373). Initially, the Choir specialized in Byzantine music, which contributed to the Choir’s international success, which began in 2006 at the IFOCM „Hajnówka”, where they won first prize in the professional choirs category. This prestigious award paved the way for international festivals and concerts throughout Europe, as well as Morocco, India, UAE and South America. Turn towards the interest in the Hungarian choral legacy led the Choir to liturgy for male choir of the Greek Catholic priest János Boksay, which was rediscovered by Tamás Bubnó. The Choir began to work on the forgotten pieces of Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók. In this way, in addition to preserving the Byzantine musical heritage, the Choir nurtures the male choral music of the Hungary’s great masters. The group takes part in services, religious music events, and performs in numerous prestigious national and international festivals and concert halls. The unique sound of the Choir became familiar to many contemporary composers, some of whom have written pieces especially for the ensemble. The Choir has released 13 albums. Some of the members of the Choir are aspiring composers, they often compose and rearrange pieces to expand the Choir’s repertoire. The Choir have been awarded with the Hungarian Heritage Award and the Budapest Brand Award. The group is the organizer of the famous annual concert series „Orientale Lumen”.



1. Dmitry Bortniansky – Glory to God in the highest
2. Boldizsár Csiky – De-nceputul lumiei dentîiu
3. Romuald Twardowski – Praise the Name of the Lord
4. János Boksay – Lord’s Prayer
5. Tamás Bubnó – Ruthenian Christmas songs from Transcarpathia


Choir of the Archangel Michael’s
Orthodox Church
Riga, Latvia

conductor: Max Roomsky
Category: parish choirs


T he Choir’s main activity is participation in church services. The repertoire consists of works ranging from the znamenny chant and old monastic ry. Since 2012 the Choir’s conductor is Max Roomsky – a graduate of the choral conducting of the Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music.



1. Genadiy Lapayev – O Only Begotten Son
2. Alexandr Gretchaninov – Cherubic hymn
3. Byzantine chant – Praise the Name of the Lord
4. Sergei Trubachov – From my youth
5. Alexandr Kastalsky – The righteous shall be in eternal rememberance
6. Dmitry Bortniansky – Blessed is the man, that feareth the Lord



„Cantata” Academic Choir
of the Technical University
Kraków, Poland

conductor: Marta Stós
Category: amateur secular choirs


The Choir was founded in 1990. It presents a rich and varied repertoire consisting of Polish and foreign works, both early and contemporary music. The Choir has won many awards and distinctions in Polish and foreign competitions and festivals. Since 2001 the Choir has been conducted by Marta Stós – Master of Arts, lecturer, graduate of the Jagiellonian University’s Philosophy and Choral Conducting at the Music Academy in Cracow. She also completed postgraduate studies in Liturgical Monody at the John Paul II University in Cracow, participant of numerous seminars and master classes for conductors.



1. Kiril Stetsenko – Bless the Lord, o my soul
2. Dobri Hristov – In Thy Kingdom soloist: Karina Piętak
3. Sergei Rachmaninoff – Rejoice, o Virgin Theotokos
4. Arvo Pärt – Rejoice, o Virgin Theotokos
5. Nikolai Lebedev – My soul doth magnify the Lord
6. Andrei Makor – Lord’s prayer
7. Romulad Twardowski – Alleluia



Nektaria Karantzi
with Byzantine Female Choir “Psaltries”
Piraeus, Greece

conductor: Nektaria Karantzi


Category: parish choirs


T he choir was founded in 2017 by Nektaria Karantzi, Doctor of Laws, an eminent Greek singer of sacred music internationally acclaimed as one of the best female voices of Byzantine chant and sacred music. She has been invited for master classes organized by renowned universities and musical centers in Europe such as the Liszt Academy, the University of Sorbonne, and the Spanish University of Oviedo. She performed in the presence of the highest dignitaries of the church. She is the composer and performer of the soundtrack for the Serbian film „The Healing”, has taken part in many TV programs. She is the founder and the president of the “Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association” and the president of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in Athens. Awarded for her contribution to the development of Byzantine music collaborates with eminent figures of the music world, including pianist, conductor and composer Vassilis Tsabropoulos, whom with in an artistic combination inspired by byzantine hymns joins the West and the East touring in Europe several times. The Choir specializes in Byzantine music highlighting the beauty of the female approach to the Byzantine Hymns. The Choir belongs to the “Women in Byzantine Music Worldwide Association” – the world’s first official and largest organization of this kind.



1. Psalm of David – My soul give praise to the Lord
2. Byzantine hymn – What God is as great as our God?
3. Byzantine hymn – O Lord I have cried to Thee
4. Greek traditional psaltotragoudo from East Thrace, arranged by Nektaria Karantzi –
Lamentation over the Fall of Constantinople
5. Byzantine Hymns of the Orthodox Divine Service
6. O gladsome Light
7. Byzantine hymn arranged by Vassilis Tsabropoulos – Lord of Hosts
8. Selected verses of the Psalm 50 in Aramaic language, music – f. Seraphim Bit-Kharibi
9. Kyrie eleison in Greek, Russian, Romanian and Polish language, music – Monks of Mount Athos


„Logos” Male Choir
Riga, Latvia

conductor: Yoan Shenrock
Category: professional choirs


The Choir was founded in 1989. Its name (from Greek: word, idea, teaching) is deeply symbolic as its mission is to retranslate to the audience an essence of lyrics which is vital to create a special bound between the public and the musicians. The beginnings of the Choir’s activity were supported by the Latvian Culture Fund, thanks to which the Choir was able to perform in the country and abroad. Most im pressive achievement at that time was performance of the „Apocalipsis”, a monumental piece by the contemporary Russian composer Vladimir Martynov and staged by the legendary founder and producer of the Taganka Theatre in Moscow – Yuri Lubimov. The piece was also performed in 1997 during the IFOCM „Hajnówka”. The Choir also takes part in liturgies in the Cathedral of the Nativity in Riga. The founder and conductor of the Choir is Fr. Yoan Shenrock – graduate of the Moscow Orthodox Seminary, the Latvian Music Academy and the Faculty of Theology of the Latvian University, where he worked as a lecturer. He was also a lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Culture, a conductor and artistic director of the Latvia’s Metropolitan’s Choir and the Riga Orthodox Choir.



1. Romuald Twardowski – Praise the Name of the Lord
2. Romuald Twardowski – To Thee we sing
3. Georgy Izvekov – With my tears
4. Мaxim Kotogarov – My soul
5. Alexandr Barayev – Now I have approached Thee
6. Alexandr Arkhangelsky – Blessed is he, who considers the poor
7. Alexandr Barayev – I am stranger


„St. Yoan Kukuzel – the Angel-Voiced”
Male Ensemble
Sofia, Bulgaria

conductor: Kristian Popov
Category: professional choirs


The Choir was founded in 1967 and was the first performer of ancient Bulgarian Orthodox chants not only in the country, but also abroad. In addition to its concerts and recording activities, the Choir is also engaged in the search and recovery of ancient musical pieces, which for the most part are not only the first records, but also the first performances of ancient melodies nowadays. The Choir performs across all Europe, takes part in symposia, conferences, as well as radio and television programs in the country, such as recording the soundtracks for historical films. Among the Choir’s most honorable concerts are: several performances for John Paul II in the Vatican, for the President of Austria at the Hovburg Palace, the President of Italy in Rome, where the Vatican Radio recorded the Choir’s concert in 2006 on the occasion of Bulgaria’s accession to the EU. Conducted by Dymitr Dymitrov became a laureate of the IFOCM „Hajnówka”. Since 2015 the Choir’s artistic director and conductor is Kristian Popov – graduate of the choral conducting of the National Academy of Music, soloist of operas and musicals.



1. Bulgarian chant – Lord have mercy
2. Unknown author – To Thee we sing
3. Yoan Kukuzel – Praise the Lord from the Heavens soloist: Nikola Antonov
4. Nikolai Kedrov (father) – Lord’s Prayer
5. Kiril Popov – Praise the Lord from the Heavens soloist: Georgy Mikov
6. Grigoriy Lubimov – Blessed is the man soloist: Stefan Arininsky



In Memory of Krzysztof Penderecki
performed by
the Festival’s Laureates
The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Choir
Białystok, Poland
conductor: prof. Violetta Bielecka


The Choir was established in March 2006 as a joint initiative of V. Bielecka and M. Nałęcz-Niesiołowski. At present, the Choir has the honour to cooperate with the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw. In 2009–2012, the Choir gave concerts conducted by the contemporary Polish composer, Maestro K. Penderecki, performinga number of his compositions. The Choir leads a very intensive concert activity nationally and internationally in famous concert halls, and is invited to prestigious festivals. Th e Choir’s repertoire includes a cappella choral pieces, oratories, operas, the greatest works of sacral music performed in cooperation with outstanding Polish and foreign orchestras. On the number of occasions the Choir participated in premiere performances of works by contemporary Polish composers, recorded a number of compositions for the radio, and on several occasions was awarded Polish Phonographic Industry Award –“Fryderyk”. For remarkable achievements in the field of choral music, the Choir was honoured by the Marshal of the Voivodship with the Honorary Medal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship (2017). Th e Choir was awarded with the International Classical Music Award (ICMA 2018) for F. Nowowiejski’s “Quo vadis” with participation of the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to numerous artistic presentations and performances of a cappella and vocal-instrumental music, the Choir performs complex choreographic stage arrangements singing in operas and musicals.
The Choir’s artistic director and conductor is prof. Violetta Bielecka – renowned educator, in 1995–1997 she was a vocal consultant of the Opera Choir of the Grand Theatre–National Opera in Warsaw. In 2000 she was awarded the title of Professor of Musical Arts by the President of the Republic of Poland. She is a Professor at the Subsidiary of Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Białystok. She has taught multiple choir directors, choristers and soloists, competitions’ juror, including IFOCM “Hajnówka”, honored with highest multiple awards and distinctions for outstanding achievements in the field of choral music and propagation of Polish music. Since 2010 she has been a member of the Polish Phonographic Academy (Classical music section) collecting musicians, authors, composers, producers, journalists and phonographic industry, that assesses the records and chooses the winners of the Fryderyk awards. Since 2015 she has been a member of the Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship Awards Commission in the field of artistic creativity, popularization and protectionof culture.



1. Lesia Dychko – In Memory of Krzysztof Penderecki
2. Krzysztof Penderecki – Cherubic hymn
3. Sergei Rachmaninoff – All-Night Vigil op. 37
The Six Psalms
– Blessed Art Thou, o Lord
The Great Doxology
4. Krzysztof Penderecki – Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee
5. Lesia Dychko – Great Litany
6. Anatoliy Kiselov – Blessed is the man
7. Romuald Twardowski – To Thee we sing







„Orthodox Church Music” Foundation in Hajnówka


Podlaskie Voivodeship




Festival is funded by:

„Orthodox Church Music” Foundation in Hajnówka
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4. PKN Orlen – Main Sponsor
5. The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding
6. Polish Television
7. The Authors’ Association ZAiKS
8. Donors of 1% tax and others



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