Farewell to Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki.

Rest in Peace




2003 – Concert „Cherubs’ song” and „Hymn to St. Daniil”



2006 – Białystok, Press conference.  „Matins” in Białystok’s Cathedral Basilica



2006 – „Matins” in Smolny Convent, St. Petersburg



2011 – Inauguration of the XXX edition of the Festival



2013 –  K. Penderecki’s 80th Jubilee. Concert of K. Penderecki’s Orthodox church music and music dedicated to K. Penderecki


2013 – K. Penderecki’s 80th Jubilee in Warsaw



2018 – K. Penderecki’s 85th Jubilee. His „Cherubs’ song” performed by the choirs from Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine.




Krzysztof Penderecki’s statements about the Festival in the film: